Plastic Surgery means restoration of the natural form of human body. The extensive field of Plastic Surgery intervenes with the boundaries of other fields of science and art

Clinic’s Scope includes

Aesthetic Surgery: Rhinoplasty – Otoplasty – Eyelids Surgery

Breast Surgery: Reduction – Augmentation – Lifting – Reconstructing – Gynecomastia

Body Sculpting: Abdominoplasty – Arm Lift – Thighs Lift – Body Lift – Liposuction – Fat injection

Congenital Anomalies: Cleft lip – Maxillo-Facial –  Ear – Nose – Hand – Foot – Genitalia

Hand Surgery: Injuries – Tumors – Infections – Re-plantation

Burn: Treatment of Burn – Post-burn Deformities

Injuries: Face – Skin  and Soft tissues all over the body – Scar removal

Tumors: Face – Skin and Soft tissues all over the body